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Draper University

We inspire people and accelerate ideas by igniting the entrepreneurial spirit.
Draper University fosters a community of diverse leaders who want to change the world by equipping them with Skills, Access and Resources in Silicon Valley.

A Top Entrepreneurship Program

If you’re interested in our 7 week Silicon Valley live-in entrepreneurship program here is what you need to know:

  • Draper University is the best place for the world’s top entrepreneurs to meet, and build world-changing startups in Silicon Valley

  • We select purely on the basis of passion, creativity and desire to change the world so you can apply before you have a team or a fully fleshed out idea. Our intensive 7-week program is designed to give you the best possible support to ignite your ideas

  • We accept entrepreneurs between the ages of 18-28

  • Our entrepreneurs come from 30+ countries and as far as Taiwan, China, India, Mexico, Chile, Estonia, Nepal, South Africa and Iraq

  • We support our students with various types of scholarships and financial aid

  • You’ll live on campus with us and be supported by a team of programs managers, entrepreneurs in residence, and mentors

  • Demo Day – This is where we show off our talented students. We connect our student entrepreneurs with investors in Silicon Valley and the rest of the world


We’ve created 100+ startups that have raised 10+ million. They’re funded by some of the most prestigious investors including Marc Andreessen, Tim Draper, and Marc Benioff

Learn to start a startup from the All-Stars

You’ll learn from some of the best and brightest entrepreneurs and startup experts in Silicon Valley, including speakers such as:

  • Bill Draper
  • Elon Musk
  • Tony Hsieh
  • Tina Seelig
  • Steve Jurvetson

The Silicon Valley Experience

Besides participating in Silicon Valley’s top-rated program in entrepreneurship, you will pitch your startup to a panel of well-known venture capitalists and angel investors. Come experience Silicon Valley, we’ll teach you how to build a startup from business plan to execution, in real-world, accelerated terms.

Residential Program

Draper University offers its innovative, immersive program via a 7-week Residential Program in Entrepreneurship. The program offers exciting talks by All-Star speakers, creative hands on activities to help you learn how to start a startup, and opportunities to build your entrepreneurial network and get mentoring from experienced venture capitalists (VCs). The Residential Program requires residency at Draper University and is ideally suited for entrepreneurs ages 18-28.

Additionally, Draper University has many connections to business incubators and startup accelerators (including our own), and many alumni have gone on to participate in the incubator ecosystem, directly start their own companies or work at the hottest companies in Silicon Valley. We are an alternative to an MBA in entrepreneurship – both residential in Silicon Valley and online; begin your journey today!

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We offer public tours of our campus nearly every Tuesday and Friday at 1pm. The tours last for about half an hour with time for Q&A and are hosted by DU staff, students, and alumni who are excited to share their experiences. If you’d like to join a tour, please indicate your preferred date in the form to the left. We will contact you to confirm the tour.


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