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We’re currently taking applications for our boarding and online programs. See below for session dates and application deadlines.

Session Dates Online Residential Deadlines Notification
Summer 2014 June 23 – July 30 Residential:
Round 1: March 31
Round 2: May 5

Round 1: May 5
Round 2: June 2
Round 1: April 11
Round 2: May 16

Round 1: May 16
Round 2: June 13
Fall 2014 Sept 29 – Nov 14 Round 1: TBD
Round 2: TBD
Round 1: TBD
Round 2: TBD

Visa and Travel Plans

If you are applying from abroad, please take into consideration the time required to apply for a visa if you are accepted to Draper University’s boarding program. We recommend STRONGLY that you submit your application during Round 1 in order to allow ample time to apply for a travel visa from your home country.

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