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Draper University Online School reports one of the highest course completion rates
Tim Draper guaranteeing investment offer to at least one student in upcoming session

San Mateo, CA – June 2, 2014 – After running two sessions of its online program, Draper University is proud to report a completion rate of 51% – one of the highest among online learning programs and, according to data compiled by an Open University doctoral student, nearly five times the average completion rate for MOOCs.

“We’re thrilled with our completion and satisfaction rates, both of which are off the charts,” said Tim Draper, founder of Draper University and founder partner of DFJ. “Online education is here to stay, and our online program gives us the reach to changes the lives of aspiring entrepreneurs around the world.”

Draper University has received very positive feedback from past online students. “Draper University’s online course goes far beyond what is found in a typical MOOC,” said one student. “It would never be possible to get exposure to such an array of experts in a field in a typical university course.”

Beginning this upcoming session, Mr. Draper will also be guaranteeing an investment offer to at least one student of the online school. The investment offer will be for $5,000 at a $2M valuation, or negotiable.

Running in tandem with Draper University’s residential program in Silicon Valley, the online school curriculum covers business basics and startup strategies by using experiential methods unique to Draper University. The online program includes access to a curated selection of past Draper University lectures and a number of live lectures via Livestream. Online students are given individual assignments and teamwork projects to push their imaginations and limits, and have the opportunity to get feedback from mentors (including Mr. Draper) during live office hours via Google Hangouts. Each session culminates with the opportunity to pitch a panel of investors virtually.

The online school has had a diverse population over its first two sessions: 38% female, ages ranging from 18-83, and 13 countries of origin. The countries with the highest enrollment rates (by descending enrollment) are: the United States, China, Argentina, Mexico, India and Japan.

The next online session begins June 23, 2014. Applicants interested in the online school can apply at: by June 4, 2014.

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About Draper University: Located in downtown San Mateo, in Silicon Valley, Draper University of Heroes is the brainchild of free-spirited venture capitalist Tim Draper, aka “The Riskmaster” and founder partner at DFJ. Draper University is an unconventional world-class residential and online school for the brightest young entrepreneurs from around the world. Students are challenged to try new things, negotiate with people and pursue entrepreneurship with passion and determination. The school, founded in 2012, offers programs each quarter. For more information visit

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